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The best inspirational quotes about love for you

Our definition of Love

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings that overwhelms the human heart with happiness, as it is the light that illuminates the path of hearts and souls, and it is the one who ignites life in the paths of human to continue his path in it. He seeks love at every moment because he knows perfectly well that when he finds love, he finds happiness, and when he finds love he finds safety and stability. In every human being, there is a great energy that can only be released with love.

Another definition for Love

Love is the truest feeling in life, and it is attraction, admiration, and attachment to a person, so he longs to see him and feels comfortable with him, safe and happy, and he is afraid of losing him so he won't go through the tough times of endless pain and gloomy feeling.

So in this article, we will give you some great quotes about love.

1- If you want to live peacefully, make sure you share your heart with a reliable and trustworthy person.

2- Loyalty isn't a word, it's a lifestyle. 

3- A compliment is a high dose of positivity which helps people feel good.

4- Believe that no one is always there for you but yourself.

5- A feeling is just an idea. Control your feelings by controlling your ideas.

6- A lying man will never be able to handle an honest woman.

7-  My mood depends on how close or far you are from me.
The best inspirational quotes about love for you

8- The only moment that I enjoy, is when I am with you.

9- All those who have closed their hearts for fear of falling in love do not realize that the true thief doesn't come across through the doors.

10- Love is like a beautiful flower and loyalty is drops of dew on it, and betrayal it is the hateful shoe that step on flower and crushes it.

11- Our hours in love have wings, but have claws in separation.

12- Don't be fooled by the words of love and Forget about the gestures that prove it.

13- If respect falls, there is no need for any relationship to take place, there is no love without respect, no friendship without respect, nor even a relative without respect.

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