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/ / 12 Simple and powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself

12 Simple and powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself

12 powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself

12 Simple and powerful Ways to Motivate Yourself


Self-motivation is the power that keeps pushing us to go on, it's our internal drive to produce, develop, achieve and keep moving forward. 

When you think you're about to quit or give up, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on. 
Self-motivation is a fundamental tool for reaching your goals, achieving your dreams, and succeeding in your life. 

I will give you 12 powerful ways that will help you motivate yourself : 

1- Ask Why?. 

If you don't know why you are doing it, then you don't see the purpose of it. Whether you want to make a career, change a habit, or prove some skills, these are all great reasons to keep going, but before doing something ask WHY?, then HOW? and WHAT?. If you don't have a goal right now, pick up a skill that helps you once you do. Like reading fast, learning how to play the guitar, or public speaking. 

2- Don’t make excuses. 

If you want to be successful don’t make excuses, you should know that to become successful you must do what needs to be done, whether you feel like it or not. Excuses are a lazy man’s best friend, you have to develop a hatred for excuses and laziness, because you will never become successful if you make excuses. 

Keep in mind that: no one cares about your excuses, the only thing that they care about is your results. Either you’re making progress or you’re making excuses. 

Excuses are used as a justification to defend your inactivity, stay motivated and break this habit and take daily consistent actions. 

3- Get A Mentor. 

Look for a charismatic mentor who has already achieved what you aim for because this makes it easier for you to benefit from his experience so that you will attain progress quicker than you could if you were alone. 

Follow a mentor because he will teach you in a simple way. He will take your hand and show you the right path that takes you quickly to your destination. 

4- Know about The Dunning Kruger Effect. 

The theory explains that many of us are more confident when we learn something new. Once you start learning, you will realize how difficult it is and how unqualified you are. As a consequence, our motivation falls and many of us quit. The key to success is to keep going anyways. Once you master a skill, your confidence returns. 

5- Look For Feedback

Runners know that encouraging spectators can make a huge difference in the last meters. Feedback is a powerful force so intentionally Search for it. The only way, just ask for advice. A lot of people love giving it, it makes them feel smart and happy. Entrepreneurs who seek for investors say “Ask for money, you'll get advice." "Ask for advice, you'll get money.” 

6- Start Small. 

When we put our effort into something and we succeed, we automatically are motivated to continue. It's a self-reinforcing circle. If we aim too high right at the beginning, it’s obviously that we will fail. This can lead to disappointment and we might stop before we even get started. Want to learn how to play the guitar? Start with 5 minutes every morning. 

7- Prime Yourself .

Canadian researchers noticed that salesmen in call centers can be 50% more successful when they see pictures that represent success while making their calls. The effect is called priming. Many of us become smarter in a library because we tend to be deeper in thought. And most of us feel more successful when we dress well, stand up straight with our arms out and our heads held high. 

8- Help Others. 

Try always to help others because If they succeed, you’ll get a positive energy back. There is one trick to motivate others, is to use purpose. Explain to them why things matter. Paint a picture of their possible future, and then engage them to take responsibility. Last, help them succeed by giving them the right tools and feedback. 

9- Make Bets. 

Make your life like a game and take bets. Groups of people do that all over the world to lose weight. The one who can’t lose 3 kilos in 7 weeks has to buy cupcakes for everyone. But it also works for reading books or challenging yourself to accomplish a task. 

10- Surround Yourself with Positive People. 

We are influenced by the five people we spend most of our time with. To get motivated you should spend your time with positive people that have a growth mindset. Stay far away from Negative and pessimistic persons because they usually have a problem for every solution. 

11- Track Your Record. 

Records show us where we were coming from. They indicate our progress. Good Bodybuilding trainers record the trainees on the first day. One year later they show their trainees what they recorded. Most are amazed by how much they progressed. As Nelson Mandela said: “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. 

12- Establish Discipline. 

As motivation can come and go, discipline will stay and watch your commitment. The powerful way to get disciplined is to set a fixed time to do something and then make sure you always do it no matter what. For example: Work out every morning for 30 minutes right before breakfast. Over time it will become a habit and you don't even need motivation anymore. If you have to do something important, switch off social media right now and do it. 


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