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Reasons why you should enjoy your life

Reasons why you should enjoy your life.
Self Motivation

Nowadays, many people forget to enjoy their lives. Everybody's busy trying to make it happier and successful, once they achieve their goal, they start trying to make it happier again and nobody seems to enjoy their current situation.

I'll share a short story with you;" there was a man who always dreamt of going to Paris. He's worked real hard to fulfill his dream. When he finally got it, he was extremely excited and happy. Once he stepped foot in Paris, he couldn't enjoy his trip since he kept thinking about his work. He wanted more money so he could travel to another country".

We all share the same situation. We are doomed to think about how to make our lives better. But in the process of it, we forget to enjoy every single moment of it. And that's what makes us feel miserable deep down.

Our mind is something that is very powerful. It has the ability to control our future and our life.

If we train our minds to feel happy, we would feel so. We don't need to be rich nor successful to enjoy this life.

Remember, being happy or not is our choice and it comes from within the heart and mind.

So how can you enjoy this life?. 

Look at the bright side. Think about every good thing that happened to you today. Forget about the downs. Convince yourself that bad things happen for a reason. 

One day, you will laugh and look back at your past with grateful eyes. Because it’s thanks to those hard times, you've become the person you are today. 

Life happens only once. Why ruining it with over seriousness? Enjoy your life and be grateful with everything that you have right now.

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